Chess Classic

Viswanathan Anand GRENKELEASING Rapid World Championship
WM Viswanathan Anand – Weltmeister
31.7.-2. August 2009, 18:30 Uhr, Rheingoldhalle Mainz

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July 27- Aug 2nd, 2009 Rheingoldhalle, Mainz
Chess Classic Mainz 2009 (CCM9)
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  U29 OSG Baden-Baden
  U29 SC Vaterstetten
  U29 SC 1979 Hattersheim
  U27 SC Frankfurt-West
  U20 SF Deizisau
  U14 SF Kelkheim
  U11 SC Bad Soden
  U11 SF Stockstadt
  U11 SV Groß-Gerau
  U10 Chess Tigers Siegerland
  U10 Hamburger SK von 1830
  U9 SV Spk Grieskirchen
  U5 SC Bad Nauheim
  U5 SV Fortschritt OSchatz
  U5 SV Nürtingen
  U4 SVg 1920 Plettenberg
  U4 PSV Uelzen 1924
  U4 Schachmatt Weiterstadt
  U4 SF Kelsterbach
  U4 Sfr. Heidesheim
  U4 SK 1980 Gernsheim
  U4 TSG 1861 Grünstadt
  U4 Union Ansfelden
  U3 SK Bad Homburg 1927
  U2 Post-SV Memmingen
  U2 Üwh s.b.M. Braunschweig
  U1 Berthold-Martin-Haus
  U1 SKH GSS1 Schwalbach

  SV Jedesheim 1921
  SC Schalksm.-Hülscheid
  SV Hilden 1922
  SK 1929 Mainaschaff
  SV 1947 Walldorf
  SC Reutlingen
  SC Landskrone
  SK Doppelbauer Kiel
  SG Zürich
  TSV Schott Mainz
  SC Horben
  SF Heimersheim
  SC Werl 81
  SF 1876 Göppingen
  SF HN-Biberach 1978
  SC Springer Trittenheim
  SF Konz-Karthaus 1921
  SK Cham
  SG Siebengebirge
  SC Eckersweiler
  SV Marsberg
  SC Lahn/Limburg

  FiNet AG

Chess Classic

Chess Classic Mainz 2009 – Rapid Chess is coming home
What’s on in Mainz this year? A compact manual through the highlights

24.07.2009 - Ten years after founding the Chess Tigers on 09.09.1999, the Tigers have been able to organize another top-class rapid chess extravaganza for all chess lovers. In this compact manual would like to present some of the details of this year’s edition for you. We can offer you no less than eight classy competitions in just seven days from 27 July - 02 August 2009. And as always, we will present the cream of the crop of the chess world. To get you in the right rapid chess mood, we offer you tons of games to train and to play which can be downloaded from this website. Not only the chess events are something special in Mainz, the unique atmosphere in the playing hall, the special services for families, the professional presentation of the games and other “goodies” for chess lovers and visitors alike make sure that the Chess Classic is the number one rapid chess tournament in the world. Buckle up now, let’s take a tour through the Chess Classic 2009!

40 board simultaneous event with Levon Aronian

We kick off the Chess Classic 2009 on Monday, 27 July with the traditional opening press conference and after that, at 16.00 sharp, one of the coolest chess players in the world will play the first games of the CCM9 in a simultaneous event on 40 boards: Levon Aronian, Chess960 world champion, winner of numerous top level tournaments and top board for Chess Olympiad winners Armenia. Levon already played a tough Chess960 simul on 20 boards back in 2006. However, he has to battle it out on 40 boards against highly motivated amateurs and special guests. We will let you know how to get one of the seats in the simul, which are always in great demand, on the official website soon.
CCM - Games of all simuls (PGN)

Play like a grandmaster

Before the big guns start playing their games, the up-and-coming chess talents play their Mini Opens. On Tuesday the youngsters play seven rounds in the third Mini-Ordix Open, in which normal rapid chess will be played. On Wednesday seven more rounds will be played in the third Mini-FiNet Chess960 Open, in which creativity is needed in the only chess variant that has officially been approved by FIDE, Chess960. New this year: all children and youngsters under 16 (reference day 01.01.1993) may participate. The top games will be broadcast live and the two top boards may even battle it out on the famous Chess Classic stage in the spacious Rheingoldhalle.

The young players do not only have the opportunity to win attractive prizes, but the players and parents will have the opportunity to get advice from two renowned German grandmasters. GM Klaus Bischoff and GM Sebastian Siebrecht will be present in the playing hall to give hints and tips, analyze games with the kids and answer questions about chess in general. After playing the games, the youngsters and their parents have free entrance to the big matches in the evening.

Information 3. Mini-ORDIX Open
Information 3. Mini-FiNet Open
Registration Mini Open
CCM - Mini Open Games (PGN)

The big open tournaments

On Thursday 30 July, the Chess Classic is open for all players in the 8th FiNet Chess960 Open, which is the ideal tournament for chess players with an open mind, because the starting position will be determined only minutes before the start of the round. The FiNet Open is the biggest Chess960 tournament in the world, a tournament in which the innovative idea of the late Robert “Bobby” Fischer has been accomplished. The Chess960 rules have officially been implemented in the FIDE rules this year, and the acceptance of the Chess960 tournaments in Mainz has been a decisive reason for FIDE to accept Chess960 in their handbook. This year numerous top players have announced their participation in Mainz, because it is possible for every player to qualify for the Chess960 world championship. The qualification cycle is very easy to understand: you “just” have to win the FiNet 960 Open to qualify for the Chess960 world championship next year. Everybody can qualify and it is not a secret that this easy system attracts players who usually do not show up at Open tournaments. Last year, American ace Hikaru Nakamura won the FiNet Open and he is one of the challengers of Chess960 world champion Levon Aronian.

Information 8. FiNet Open
Registration 8. FiNet Open
CCM – FiNet Open Games (PGN)

After two “Chess960 days” time has come for the most traditional Chess Classic event, the 16th Ordix Open. If you suffer from demo phobia, you should consider your participation, because the Rheingoldhalle will be filled with more than 700 chess players in the Ordix! Don’t worry, the well organized and experienced Chess Tigers team, led by tournament director Hans-Dieter Post has proved in the past that they can handle these chess masses with ease. The air-conditioned Rheingoldhalle is big enough for all players, even when another record would be broken. The Open is attractive for top players, because the winner of this strongest rapid chess open in the world will automatically qualify for the rapid world championship. Last year, the young Russian Ian Nepomniachtchi won the Ordix Open and is looking forward to play world chess champion Viswanathan Anand in the battle for the rapid chess crown and not to forget for the traditional winner jacket.

One of the many attractions of these two open tournaments is the large number of rating prizes. Everybody has a chance to win a prize in his or her rating category. And let’s not forget that amateurs do have the chance to play against a world class player in a tournament game in Mainz!

Information 16. ORDIX Open
Registration 16. ORDIX Open
CCM - ORDIX Open Games (PGN)

Artificial intelligence and Chess960

Traditionally, the Chess Classic has a computer event to offer: the 5th Livingston Chess960 Computer World Championship will be played on three consecutive days. World Champion Rybka will defend her title (Rybka is a she!) against ex-world champion Shredder, who played the final against Rybka last year and two Internet qualifiers which will be determined by an online qualification on the Internet Chess Club, to be played in June.

Information 5. Livingston Computer Chess960 WCh
CCM – Livingston Computer Chess960 WCh Games (PGN)

The evening sessions – part 1

After the chess tohubohu in the Opens, there is time for tranquility in the Rheingoldhalle in the evening: the players in the main events enter the stage to battle it out in the world championships. On three consecutive days the Chess960 rapid chess world championship will be played with defending champion Levon Aronian. Two years ago the Armenian showed that he is the number one in Chess960 by beating Vishy Anand in an exciting final! Three world class players are ready to challenge Aronian this year: Hikaru Nakamura, Viktor Bologan and Sergei Movsesian are without a doubt three of the most creative and original playing top players of our time and will put the Armenian to the test. Here is an introduction of the challengers:

Hikaru Nakamura
USA, 9.12.1987
Elo 2701, No. 30 World ranking
IPS 2777, No. 5 Chess960 World ranking

Hikaru Nakamura is generally regarded as an aggressive player who is reluctant to draw games early, having once said in an interview that "there is no point of taking draws". He prefers instead to exploit all prospective winning chances, giving him a style of play described by the U.S. Chess Federation as marked by "astonishing creativity...relentless determination... the making of unexpected moves and a will to win". He is also very skilled at blitz chess, and has been called "easily the best blitz player in America" and "one of the best blitz players in the world." Even in games with only one or two minutes in which to make all of his moves, Nakamura has shown an ability to create complicated combinations. Nakamura won the FiNet Open last year in his first official tournament in Germany.

Viktor Bologan
Moldova, 14.12.1971
Elo 2690, No. 39 World ranking
IPS 2702, No. 22 Chess960 World ranking

On the April 2009 FIDE list, Bologan had an Elo rating of 2690, making him number 39 in the world and Moldova's best chess player. His major accomplishment has been winning the Dortmund Sparkassen 2003, ahead of higher-rated and well-known players such as Vladimir Kramnik, Viswanathan Anand, and Peter Leko. In 2003 he won also the Aeroflot Open, one of the largest open tournaments with 150 grandmasters participating. The specialist for strong open tournaments holds a very special record in the Chess Classic: he won the Ordix Open in 2002 and the FiNet Open in 2007 and he is the only player to date who has been able to win both tournaments!

Sergei Movsesian
Slovakia, 3.11.1978
Elo 2747, No. 11 World ranking
IPS 2771, No. 6 Chess960 World ranking

Sergei Movsesian (born in Tbilisi, Georgian SSR) is a chess Grandmaster of Armenian descent who now plays for Slovakia. In 1999 he reached the quarterfinals of the FIDE World Chess Championship in Las Vegas, but lost to Vladimir Akopian. He won international tournaments in Sarajevo (2002 and 2007), the 2007 Czech Coal Carlsbad tournament in Karlovy Vary, Mikhail Chigorin Memorial in Saint Petersburg in 2007 and the B-tournament of the Corus Chess Tournament in 2008. Due to his outstanding results he has slowly but steadily reached on of the top spots in the rating lists. He is member of the successful German chess team Baden Baden that won the Bundesliga team three times since 2006. Sergei played a great FiNet Open last year and landed on second place with 9/11.

Information 6. Chess960 Rapid World Championship
CCM – Games of all Chess960 World Championships (PGN)

The evening sessions – part 2

After three days of top-level Chess960, it is time for the “grand finale” of the Chess Classic 2009, the 14th GRENKELEASING rapid world championship. On three consecutive days from Friday 31 July to Sunday 2 August the stage is reserved for world champion Vishy Anand and his three renowned challengers. It will be a tough challenge for Levon Aronian, Arkadij Naiditsch and Ian Nepomniachtchi to become the best rapid chess player in the world, if you take a look at the incredible results of the Indian superstar: Anand won no less than eleven (11) Chess Classic tournaments and he is still unbeaten in Mainz! Almost every top GM has tried to beat “The Vish” in Mainz, but nobody managed to beat the world champion. One of the challengers, who was on the brink of success in 2007, is Levon Aronian, who has a mammoth schedule in Mainz this year. The Armenian is expected to be the toughest challenger, but don’t count out the other two world class players! Here is an introduction of the challengers:

Arkadij Naiditsch
Germany, 25.10.1985
Elo 2707, No. 31 World ranking
IPS 2662, No. 37 Chess960 World ranking

Arkadij Naiditsch was born in Riga, Latvia and when he was ten years old his family migrated to Dortmund, Germany. After many good results in various tournaments he soon turned out to be one of the best players in Germany and he received his German passport in 2005. In the same year he scored the best result in his career by winning the Dortmund Sparkassen 2005 Tournament, ahead of higher-rated and well-known players such as Veselin Topalov, Vladimir Kramnik, and Peter Leko. He was only 19 years old at the time. After a few set-backs he showed very good chess and won the German national championship in 2007. He is the first German player who has broken the magical 2700 barrier. Last year he seemed to be cruising to victory in the FiNet Chess960 Open but an incredible blunder in the last round cost him first place.

Ian Nepomniachtchi
Russia, 14.7.1990
Elo 2624, No. 118 World ranking
IPS 2650, No. 41 Chess960 World ranking

The 18-year old grandmaster is a great Russian talent. He won the European Youth Chess Championship three times, in 2000 in the U10 class and in 2001 and 2002 in the U12 class. In 2002 he also won the World Youth Chess Championship in the U12 class. By winning the Aeroflot Open in Moscow in February 2008, he qualified for the 2008 Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting and in the same year he won one of the toughest chess tournaments in the world: the Ordix Open!

Information 14. GRENKELEASING Rapid World Championship
CCM – Games of all Rapid World Championships (PGN)

Where can I watch the games?

If you have ever visited the Chess Classic extravaganza you know that the Chess Tigers are not just satisfied by bringing the cream of the crop of the chess world to Mainz every year, its is also important for us to present the games in a modern and comfortable way for the chess fans. Of course you can watch the most important games on the Internet, read fine reports on the official website by chess experts and watch many pictures from some of the best chess photographers. But why not coming to Mainz this year to enjoy top level chess at first hand?

The most popular seats are in front of the stage, and at a reasonable price of just €8 (€5 for children) you get the best seats in the house. If you buy a ticket for the whole event, you just pay €32 (children €20). In the hall you can listen carefully to the analyses and stories of our renowned commentator team: GM Klaus Bischoff, GM Rustem Dautov, GM Vlastimil Hort, GM Sebastian Siebrecht and WGM Natalia Straub. All you need is a set of wireless earphones, which can be borrowed for only €2 per day.

If you rather like to watch the games along with a couple of friends, you can just go to the main lobby of the Rheingoldhalle to watch the games live on one of the many monitors. You can chat and analyze the games with your friends, without disturbing the players on stage. This year we also offer the very popular public viewing corner with one of our commentators. Discuss the games with an experienced grandmaster…for free!

Not enough yet? If you prefer to watch the games in an exclusive atmosphere, you are invited to visit the Gourmet Club. For €39 per person per day you can watch the games with one of our commentators and enjoy fine food and drinks in a cultivated manner. The players often step by for a drink and a snack after their games.

The kids club

The Chess Tigers do not only organize tournaments for children, but there is also a unique and very popular institution for the youngest kiddies: the Kids Club. The parents can play chess without having to think about the children all the time. The club is open from Tuesday to Sunday and it has often happened that the kids do not want to leave the club at 18.00, because they have a great time playing games with children from all over the world. The children will soon feel at home in a friendly and safe atmosphere.

No sponsors, no Chess Classic!

In these difficult economic times, it is not easy to keep old sponsors and to find new ones. Many companies have to be careful and have to check more than once if it makes sense to put money in, let’s say, chess. Stability and innovation, professionalism and passion for the game, sobriety and benevolence are factors that convinced our sponsors this year again. We like to thank them for their support! Without the support of the City of Mainz, with Lord Mayor Jens Beutel, the ORDIX AG, the FiNet AG, the GRENKELEASING AG, the Congress Centrum Mainz, the Hilton Hotel Mainz, the Stadtwerke Mainz AG, Livingston, the Mainzer Aufbaugesellschaft (MAG), the Wohnbau Mainz, the Sparkasse Mainz, the Rheinland-Pfalz Bank, DGT, Schach Niggemann, ChessBase and numerous friends our great event would not be the event we just have presented in this compact manual!

Check our website regularly! And before and during the tournament you can expect many updates from the playing hall on

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