Chess Classic

Sergei Movsesian Chess960 Rapid World Championship
GM Sergei Movsesian - FiNet Open 2.Sieger 2008
28.-30. Juli 2009, 18:30 Uhr, Rheingoldhalle Mainz

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July 27- Aug 2nd, 2009 Rheingoldhalle, Mainz
Chess Classic Mainz 2009 (CCM9)
8. FiNet Open
World's biggest Chess960 Rapid Chess Tournament



  U29 OSG Baden-Baden
  U29 SC Vaterstetten
  U29 SC 1979 Hattersheim
  U27 SC Frankfurt-West
  U20 SF Deizisau
  U14 SF Kelkheim
  U11 SC Bad Soden
  U11 SF Stockstadt
  U11 SV Groß-Gerau
  U10 Chess Tigers Siegerland
  U10 Hamburger SK von 1830
  U9 SV Spk Grieskirchen
  U5 SC Bad Nauheim
  U5 SV Fortschritt OSchatz
  U5 SV Nürtingen
  U4 SVg 1920 Plettenberg
  U4 PSV Uelzen 1924
  U4 Schachmatt Weiterstadt
  U4 SF Kelsterbach
  U4 Sfr. Heidesheim
  U4 SK 1980 Gernsheim
  U4 TSG 1861 Grünstadt
  U4 Union Ansfelden
  U3 SK Bad Homburg 1927
  U2 Post-SV Memmingen
  U2 Üwh s.b.M. Braunschweig
  U1 Berthold-Martin-Haus
  U1 SKH GSS1 Schwalbach

  SV Jedesheim 1921
  SC Schalksm.-Hülscheid
  SV Hilden 1922
  SK 1929 Mainaschaff
  SV 1947 Walldorf
  SC Reutlingen
  SC Landskrone
  SK Doppelbauer Kiel
  SG Zürich
  TSV Schott Mainz
  SC Horben
  SF Heimersheim
  SC Werl 81
  SF 1876 Göppingen
  SF HN-Biberach 1978
  SC Springer Trittenheim
  SF Konz-Karthaus 1921
  SK Cham
  SG Siebengebirge
  SC Eckersweiler
  SV Marsberg
  SC Lahn/Limburg

  FiNet AG

Chess Classic
Going once, going twice, going three times, Grischuk!
31.07.2009 - The man with the cap was the sole leader after 10 nerve-breaking rounds in the 8. FiNet Chess960 Open, but in the final round, Gata Kamsky lost his only game against former world champion Rustam Kazimdzhanov. This loss paved the way for Alexander Grischuk, who won the massive Ordix Open twice, to clinch home his third Mainz Open title. He kept his cool in the last round against German ace Rainer Buhmann and won the 8. Edition of the FiNet Chess960 Open with 9,5 points. more...

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FiNet Open: List of participants
FiNEt Open: Results
FiNet Open: Matches

Chess Classic
FiNet Lunchbreak – Two leaders after eight rounds
31.07.2009 - After eight rounds in the FiNet Chess960 Open we have two leaders with 7,5 points: Gata Kamsky and Alexander Grishuk. Grishuk won three games before the lunchbreak against Navara, Akopian and Mamedyarov. Kamsky won against Malakhov and Grigoriants but had to be content with a draw against Mamedyarov. In round nine, starting at 14.00 the battle of the titans Kamsky and Grishuk is scheduled. There is only one player with 7 points, Arkadij Naiditsch and a group of seven players with 6,5 points, lying in wait for a mistake on the first boards. So nothing is decided yet in the FiNet Chess960 Open! In the Livingston Chess960 computer tournament, Rybka is leading 1,5-0,5 against Shredder and needs one point to clinch home her third world title in a row. Don’t miss the action in Mainz! Follow the top games in the LIVE portal. CCM9 Live-Portal.
Chess Classic
Gang of Four leading FiNet Chess960 Open with 100% score
Favourites need to do repair work on Friday
30.07.2009 - On the fourth day of the Chess Classic, the FiNet Chess960 Open started at 12.30 with 263 players. The chance for amateurs to meet a GM on the other side of the board was very good, because no less than 56 Grandmasters came to Mainz to play the Chess960 extravaganza! Incredible: the top 10 has an ELO average of 2717 and the top seeds are Gashimov, Grishuk, Bacrot, Kamsky and Mamedyarov. After five rounds today there is a Gang of Four sharing the lead with a 100% score: more...

Picture gallery
FiNet Open: List of participants
FiNEt Open: Results
FiNet Open: Matches

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