Chess Classic

Alexandra Kosteniuk FiNet Chess960 Women’s Rapid World Championship
WM Alexandra Kosteniuk – Nr.2 der Chess960 WRL
29.-31.August 2008, 18:30 Uhr, Rheingoldhalle Mainz

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July 28- Aug 3rd, 2008 Rheingoldhalle, Mainz
Chess Classic Mainz 2008 (CCM8)
13. GRENKELEASING Rapid World Championship
GM V. Anand, GM A. Morozevich, GM M. Carlsen, GM J. Polgar



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  U29 SC Vaterstetten-Jugend
  U27 SC 1979 Hattersheim
  U23 SC Frankfurt-West
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  U3 SC Weiterstadt
  U3 SVg 1920 Plettenberg
  U2 SK Bad Homburg
  U2 SC Schalkm.-Hülscheid

  SK 1929 Mainaschaff
  SV 1947 Walldorf
  SC Reutlingen
  SV Landskrone/Althrein
  SK Doppelbauer Kiel
  SG Zürich
  TSV Schott Mainz
  SC Horben
  SF Heimersheim
  SV Nürtingen
  SC Werl 81
  SF 1876 Göppingen
  SF HN-Biberach 1978
  SC Springer Trittenheim
  SF Konz-Karthaus 1921
  SK Cham
  SG Siebengebirge
  SC Eckersweiler
  SV Marsberg
  SC Lahn/Limburg

  FiNet AG

Chess Classic
Video of the last Chess Classic 2008 press conference
06.08.2008 - The final of the GRENKELEASING Rapid World Championship was the last event of the Chess Classic Mainz 2008. In the press conference after the prize gving ceremony Anand & Co. talked about the games of the final. Vishy was very pleased that he easily won the match against Carlsen and pointed out that his novelty in the first game against Carlsen' s Dragon proved to be decisive. The young Norwegian was obviously tired and disappointed about his performance in the final. Alexander Morozevich showed his class by analyzing some crucial moments in his games against Judit Polgar, but also said that the level of the games was questionable. As always, Judit was good-humoured, despite her loss in the mini-match against against Moro and had the final word of this successful press conference. You can hear and see it all in this video, filmed by Georgios Souleidis. more...
Chess Classic
Anand remains king in Mainz
04.08.2008 - It was the final many were waiting for. Vishy Anand against Magnus Carlsen. The experienced Indian against the young Norwegian. The reigning World Champion against the player many consider to be the coming World Champion. But Anand used his experience and skill to show why he is the World’s number one. He gave his young opponent no chances and defended his title of World Champion without trouble. The match for third place between Alexander Morozevich and Judit Polgar might not have been as technically correct as the games of Anand but it was highly entertaining. After four exciting games Morozevich won 2,5-1,5 to take third place. more...
Results 13. GrenkeLeasing Rapid WCC
All games (PGN)
Chess Classic
Anand and Carlsen to meet in the final
02.08.2008 - Tomorrow Carlsen and Anand will play in the final of the 13. GrenkeLeasing Rapid Chess World Championship – the very encounter many chess fans were waiting for. Qualifying, however, was not that easy. In the second half of the preliminary it took Anand three exciting tactical games to qualify while Carlsen was lucky to survive against Morozevich. more...
Results day 1+2 of the GrenkeLeasing Rapid WCC
All games (PGN)
Chess Classic
Nine players with a clean slate after day 1 in Ordix Open
Alexandra Kosteniuk in great form
02.08.2008 - The Ordix Open is a fixed date in the chess calendar for many rapid chess lovers and this year no less than 692 (corrected) participants made the yearly pilgrimage to Mainz. Playing in the same hall with top grandmasters is very attractive for many amateurs and since 53 GM, 44 IM and 66 FM play the Ordix, there is a fair chance that you meet a top player over the board on the first day. After the first five rounds, there are still nine players who have a clean slate: Vaganjan, Movsesian, Najer, Almasi, Horvath, Tregubov, Jaracz, Horvath, Nepomniachtchi and Kosteniuk. She seems to be in top form this week. more...

Intermediate results 15. Ordix Open
All games (PGN)
Chess Classic
Press conference video with Anand, Carlsen, Moro and Polgar
02.08.2008 - After the first day of the GRENKELEASING Rapid World Championship Anand & Co. had an animated discussion about the games in the daily press conference. Anand explained some difficult variations in his usual high-speed "Vishy-mode", but Magnus Carlsen looked tired after his journey from Biel. Alexander Morozevich was happy about his win over Judit Polgar, whereas the Hungarian superstar was obviously disappointed about her two losses on the first day. You can see it all for yourself in the video of the press conference, made by Georgios Souleidis. more...
Chess Classic
Exciting chess and calm comments
02.08.2008 - Anand and Carlsen lead after the first day of the 13. GRENKELEASING Rapid Chess World Championship The keenly awaited encounter between Magnus Carlsen and World Champion Vishy Anand came early. The drawing of lots decided they had to play in the first round of four player double round robin. And this duel between the current World Champion and the 17-year old Norwegian, who many consider to be a future World Champion, attracted quite a lot of attention and the Rheingoldhalle was packed with spectators. more...
Results day 1 of the GrenkeLeasing Rapid WCC
All games (PGN)
Chess Classic
Video of the press conference after the finals of the 2. FiNet Chess960 Rapid World Championship
01.08.2008 - She was slightly unsatisfied about her play in the final, but in the end Alexandra Kosteniuk was very happy to have defended her Chess960 title. Her opponent in the final, Kateryna Lahno was obviously frustrated after the last game, but she proved to be an excellent Chess960 player during her debut in Mainz. The good-looking quartet was completed by Viktorija Cmilyte and Natalia Zhukova and although they also played the FiNet Open, they were also ready to answer all questions after a tough day. You can see and hear it all here in the video of the press conference. more...
Chess Classic
Video interview with Judit Polgar
31.07.2008 - Cheerful and looking great, Judit Polgar arrived in Mainz and she was willing to answer a few questions in this give short video interview. She talks about her male opponents in the 13. GRENKELEASING Rapid World Championship, which will start on Friday. She already played several rapid chess games against Alexander Morozevich and Vishy Anand, but she has never played a rapid chess game against Norwegian shooting-star Magnus Carlsen. We will see the world premiere in Mainz tomorrow! As you will see, Judit Polgar is ready for the challenge. more...
Chess Classic
"Sustainability is not achieved through individual events but through continuous work."
24.06.2008 - Wolfgang Grenke is CEO of GrenkeLeasing AG, which went to the stock exchange in 2000 and leases machines for office communication. Since its foundation in 1978 the company has grown continuously. Today is has more than 400 employees and representatives in 21 countries. As sponsor of the OSC Baden Baden Grenke has built an elite team on which a number of international stars play. This year the team became German Team Champion for the third time in a row and also won the German Cup. The women's team also won the Championship again. On top of that, as being the sponsor and name-giver of the GrenkeLeasing Rapid World Championship the company also supports the Chess Classic Mainz. Harry Schaack talked with the successful manager about the upcoming Chess Classic, sponsoring and the development of chess in Germany. (English version: Johannes Fischer) more...

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