Chess Classic

Victor Bologan 7.FiNet Open 2008
Sieger 2007: 1.Bologan 2.Kamsky 3.Ivanchuk
CCM7: 280 Teilnehmer / 117 Titelträger / Preisfonds ca. € 40.000,-
31.Juli 2008 / 12:30 Uhr & 1.August 2008 / 10:00 Uhr / 11 Runden

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August 13-19th, 2007 Rheingoldhalle, Mainz
Chess Classic Mainz 2007 (CCM7)
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   U17 OSC Baden-Baden
   U15 SC Hattersheim
   U11 SC Frankfurt-West
   U8 SC Bad Soden
   U8 SF Deizisau
   U8 SK 1929 Mainaschaff
   U8 SC Vaterstetten-Jugend
   U7 Hamburger SK von 1830
   U6 SV Landskrone/Althrein
   U6 SV Groß-Gerau
   U5 SK Doppelbauer Kiel
   U4 Schach-Club Horben
   U4 TSV Schott Mainz
   U4 SV Walldorf
   U4 SG Zürich
   U4 SC Reutlingen
   U3 SF Kelsterbach
   U3 SC Werl 81
   U3 SC Springer Trittenheim
   U2 SG Siebengebirge
   U1 SC Lahn Limburg
   U1 SF Heimersheim
   U1 SC Bad Nauheim

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Chess Classic
Two more Chess Classic videos on ChessVibes
FiNet impressions and David Navara interview
20.08.2007 - Peter Doggers shot two more fine videos during his stay in Mainz. On the ChessVibes website you can find an impression of the FiNet Open tournament in which you will see many familiar faces. There is another video online in which you can see an interview with GM David Navara, just after he had won the Ordix Open in great style.There is still some more footage under way. As always...enjoy!
FiNet impressions Interview with David Navara
Chess Classic
Anand Remains Supreme in Mainz
Anand Wins GrenkeLeasing Rapid Chess World Championship in Close Match
19.08.2007 - Sunday, immediately after the end of the Ordix Open, with 762 participants the world’s biggest rapid chess tournament, the Chess Classic Mainz finished with another highlight: The match for the Grenke Leasing Rapid Chess World Championship between Anand and Aronian. Three days ago the same players had played the final of the FiNet Chess960 World Championship. This was a tense and exciting match, but here even more was at stake: Anand wanted to take revenge for his loss and prove that he is still the world’s best rapid player. Both players also had the coming World Championship in Mexico in mind: Here, both Aronian and Anand are among the favorites and the winner of Mainz would gain a psychological edge over his rival. At the same time both players had to be careful not to reveal too much of their preparation for Mexico. more...
Chess Classic
Ordix Open - all winners , all prizes
Victor Bologan overall winner
19.08.2007 - Yes, the Ordix Open has a winner. Wrong, the Ordix Open has several winners. In numerous categories prizes can be won. Senior, juniors, women, rating categories, you name it. And if you combine the Chess960 Open with the Ordix Open, you create a new category and have a combined winner. This year Victor Bologan, winner of the FiNet Open, is the overall winner with a total of 18,5 points. Here we give you an overview of the second day of the Ordix and an overview of the prize winners in the most important categories. more...
Chess Classic
Michael Richter presents best Bundesliga-Game
Richter – Hertneck voted Bundesliga Game of the Year
19.08.2007 - The readers of the official website of the German Bundesliga ( have voted Michael Richter´s spectacular queen sacrifice against Gerald Hertneck the best game of the season 2006/7. The Bundesliga thanks Hans-Walter Schmitt for the invitation and honour to announce and honour the winner of the vote during the Chess Classic 2007. Michael Richter (SC Kreuzberg) was showing and commenting this game at the end of the lunch break before round nine of the ORDIX Open. more...
Chess Classic
Navara express takes Mainz by storm
Who is David Navara?
19.08.2007 - David Navara from the Czech Republic is the winner of the 14th Ordix Open. Despite his quick loss in the last round against Krishnan Sasikiran, the 22-year old deserves this victory. The Navara express lead the field from the moment go and although Krishnan Sasikiran and Mikhail Mchedlishvili from Georgia, who won in the final round against Alexander Grishuk also scored 9,5 points it was clear before the start of the last round that Navara’s progressive score was more than enough to win the tournament. Congratulations to David Navara! Harry Schaack and Eric van Reem had a short conversation with the winner of the Ordix Open. more...
Chess Classic
David Navara is unstoppable!
Ordix Open round 10
19.08.2007 - In the penultimate round, David Navara met Tigran L. Petrosian, the ICC qualifier. The Armenian won the Chess960 qualifier with 1586 participants and won a trip to Mainz. Petrosian (see picture on the right,before his game against Navara, still smiling) played the FiNet Chess960 Open, in which he scored eight points. In the Ordix he scored eight points in nine rounds! But in round 10 he met his master: in a very sharp game Navara remained calm and added another full point to his breathtaking score. Navara’s most persistant chasers for the Ordix title with 7,5 points like Almasi, Gyimesi, Khenkin, Nielsen and Drozdovskij and Bologan gave up hope and played quick draws to secure a big piece of the prize fund. Sasikiran managed to win his game against Burmakin and now has 8,5 points. In the last round we will see if the Indian is able to stop Navara. Another player with 8,5 points seems to come out of nowhere: Mchedlishvili won against Balogh.
Chess Classic
Tragic loss for Harikrishna in round 9
19.08.2007 - In the 9th round we saw the top pairing between Pentala Harikrishna and David Navara. “Hari” as the young Indian is called by his friends has had an unbelievable week. He won a tournament in Hungary, the György Marx Memorial this week, just made it on time to play the FiNet Chess960 open and now plays some fantastic games in the Ordix as well. He seems to be in good shape this week! Pentala Harikrishna (born May 10, 1986) is a chess player from Andhra Pradesh, India. He is rated third amongst the top Indian players ranking next to Viswanathan Anand and Krishnan Sasikiran. Harikrishna became the youngest grandmaster from India in 2001. In November 2004, he won the World Junior Chess Championship. In August 2006, he won the Chess960 Junior Chess Championship in Mainz, beating Arkadij Naiditsch 4.5-3.5 in a breathtaking match. Harikrishna and Navara played a long game, in which the young Indian showed his magnificent endgame technique. In a winning position he lost on time against Navara, who still leads the field with 8,5 points.
Chess Classic
Only Navara can keep the pace
Lunchbreak - Ordix Open update after eight rounds
19.08.2007 - Sunday morning, 10.00 AM. Beautiful weather in Mainz. Time to enjoy a quiet breakfast? No way, 762 (corrected number) chess players came to the Rheingoldhalle to play six more rounds in the “battle of endurance”, the world-famous Ordix Open. Yesterday, we closed the Ordix with six players who had a perfect score after five rounds, but on Sunday only David Navara from the Czech Republic could keep the murderous pace by scoring 2,5 points in the first three rounds before the lunchbreak. He is now the sole leader after eight rounds with 7,5 points. Born in Prague, in 1985, Grandmaster David Navara has been playing chess since he was six. Numerous coaches helped shape his talents, including Josef Pribyl, Ludek Pachman, and Vlastimil Jansa. He won the championships of the Czech Republic in his age category in 1993-95, but his first great achievement was at the 2001 European Team Championship in Leon, where he scored 7 out of 9 points (performance rating: 2775). Can young David keep the pace? Will Bologan win the "double"? What about Ivanchuk? And Tigran Petrosian has 7 points as well... We will keep you updated.
Chess Classic
Chess Classic diary of a Grandmaster
Etienne Bacrot provides inside information on his new website
19.08.2007 - You can read loads of stories about the Chess Classic on various Internet websites. We gave you links to the ChessVibes and ChessDom websites, where you can see nice videos about the record-breaking event in Mainz. But there is also a very nice new website from Etienne Bacrot, the French top-grandmaster, who plays many games in Mainz this week. He writes about his performance during the Chess Classic and analyses games on his brand-new website. At the age of 12 Etienne was already an International Master, and was competing on level terms with professionals in France. He came further into the public eye when he qualified for the PCA Intel Grand Prix in Paris where he distinguished himself amongst the world's elite. In March 1997, under the auspices of his trainer Iossif Dorman, he became the youngest ever grandmaster at the age of 14 years and two months.
Chess Classic diary by Etienne Bacrot
Chess Classic
Anand has chance to take revenge against Aronian
Anand and Aronian to play final of Rapid World Championship
18.08.2007 - Saturday saw the last round of the preliminary of the Grenke Leasing Rapid Chess World Championship. The two best players in the preliminary would qualify for the final, which will be played tomorrow – and most people expected another battle between Anand and Aronian. But maybe Bacrot or Kasimdzhanov would manage an upset? After all, in yesterday’s press conference Kasimdzhanov had declared that he felt his luck had changed after his third round draw against Aronian. However, with only a half point out of three games he would indeed need a lot of luck to turn the tables. But maybe Bacrot would finally show his true mettle and put pressure on Aronian and Anand? Three rounds later all questions were answered. more...
Chess Classic
Close race for glory in Ordix Open
Six players with a perfect score after first day
18.08.2007 - Despite the beautiful weather in Mainz on Saturday, more than 750 chessplayers came to the Rheingoldhalle to play the world-famous Ordix Open. The organisers hoped to break the 700 player barrier this year and the pre-registration already looked very promising. In the end no less than 761 chess players registered for the 14th edition of the Ordix Open. More and more players come to Mainz every year to play in this popular tournament. When you live in Holland, as a chess player you must have played the renowned Corus Tournament once in your life, in Germany the Chess Classic has become a high-class brand name. You just have to play in Mainz! more...
Chess Classic
Behind the stage
A View on the Organising Team of the Chess Classic Mainz
18.08.2007 - 762 participants in the Ordix Open, 280 in the FiNet Chess960 Open, a simul, two World Championships, a computer tournament, children tournaments: The Chess Classic Mainz are one of the biggest chess events in the world. While Hans-Walter Schmitt, organizer and driving force behind the event, is most often in the limelight, a lot of people working behind the stage take care that the tournament runs smoothly. Here's a view behind the stage. more...
Chess Classic
More Chess Classic action on ChessVibes
Video interview with FiNet Chess960 winner Victor Bologan
18.08.2007 - You can watch two more entertaining Chess Classic videos on the ChessVibes website. Editor-in-chief Peter Doggers fimed last night's funny press conference of Anand, Aronian, Kasimdzhanov and Bacrot and made an video-interview with FiNet Chess960 Open winner Victor Bologan. Interesting footage!
Press conference Interview with Victor Bologan on ChessVibes
Chess Classic
Vijay is victory!
Hardworking Vijay Kumar and his Chess Classic films
18.08.2007 - If there is any big tournament in the world with participants from India, in particular national hero Vishy Anand, Indian cameraman and journalist Vijay Kumar will not be far away from the scene. He films everything during the tournament, makes video interviews, writes articles for various newspapers in India, makes a radio show and still finds time to entertain the press room with his hilarious stories about his travels. Vijay joined the exclusive band of handful of producers the world over by producing over 4000 hours of programmes in a span of 27 years. You can find his Chess Classic footage on the ChessDom website. If you want to put a non-mediagenic sport on TV, contact Vijay Kumar.
Chess Classic Mainz videos on ChessDom
Chess Classic
All records pulverised: 761 chess players in the Ordix Open!
Top 10 ELO average 2714!
18.08.2007 - You can feel the electrifying atmosphere in the Rheingoldhalle in Mainz when more than 750 chess players wait eagerly for the start of the first game. The organisers hoped to set another record by breaking the 700 limit, but wow: 761 players, that is something! With 72 GM´s, 52 IM´s and 61 FM´s its is also a very strong tournament. Almost all top grandmasters that played the Chess960 Open play the Ordix as well. The average ELO of the top 10 is an amazing 2714, the top 20 ELO average is 2684! 11 rounds will be played, five on Saturday, six on Sunday. The top games can be followed live on the Internet, simply click on CCM7 Live-Portal.
Chess Classic
Anand Uses Ruy Lopez to Dominate Rapid Chess
The Grenke Leasing Rapid World Championship Began in Mainz
17.08.2007 - On Friday evening Anand, Aronian, Kasimdzhanov and Bacrot sat down to play their second World Championship in four days. This time it was back to classical chess, position 518 in Chess960 terms. A well researched position familiar to the players. Instead of having to worry about unprotected pawns and possible mates in the opening they could rely on preparation. And maybe it was the wish to be back on familiar territory that made the Ruy Lopez the opening of choice – four of six games featured a Ruy. But theory or not, the players showed interesting chess with Anand being the most fluent in Spanish. more...
Chess Classic
Live Chess Classic action on ChessVibes
ChessVibes on tour - next stop Mainz
17.08.2007 - The website has become a very popular chess website, mainly due to the entertaining videos that can be viewed on the site. During the months May, June, July and August it’s ChessVibes on tour! Editor-in-chief Peter Doggers took the time to spend all his energy (and money) on the game of chess for four months. He did play many open tournaments throughout Europe and at the same time published many reports. On Wednesday Doggers arrived in Mainz and shot a very nice video about the FiNet Chess960 final between Levon Aronian and Vishy Anand.
FiNet video on ChessVibes
Chess Classic
Victor Bologan winner of FiNet Open
17.08.2007 - Victor Bologan (Moldova) is the winner of the 6th FiNet Open. He won in the final round against top-seed and sole leader Vassili Ivanchuk, who just needed a draw with the white pieces to win the tournament. Bologan scored 9,5 points and he was followed by a handful of players with 9 points: Kamsky, Ivanchuk, Volokitin and Navara, In this extremely strong field no player remained unbeaten. Very exciting was the women´s section: no less than 6 females scored 6,5 points! Best senior player was Ivan Farago (7,5). The category "best player under 14" was won the young Indian grandmaster Negi with 7 points. more...
Chess Classic
Rybka is Chess960 computer chess champion
Exciting games in Livingston Chess960 computer tournament
17.08.2007 - The new Chess960 computer chess champion is Rybka. The program, developed by Vasik Rajlich debuted in Mainz and won the final against the defending champion Shredder, developed by Stefan Mayer-Kahlen 2,5-0,5. Rybka´s triumphal procession has lead to two world titles this year: Rybka won the “normal” computer chess world championship in Amsterdam a few months ago,in Mainz she (Rybka is female!) added another prestigious title. In the match for the bronze medal, Spike won 2,5-0,5 against Jonny. more...
Chess Classic
Chess as a spectator’s sport
Aronian wins Chess960 World Championship in dramatic match against Anand
17.08.2007 - When Vishy Anand and Levon Aronian sat down to play their four game match for the title of Chess960 World Champion it was hard to name a favorite. Both are excellent rapid and blitz players and though Aronian in contrast to Chess960 newcomer Anand has already shown his skills in this form of chess, most people thought Anand’s speed of chess thinking should make up for this. But everyone agreed that it would be a tough and exciting match. And they were right: The final of the FiNet Chess960 World Championship was packed with drama, mystery and fighting chess. more...


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