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Rustam Kasimdzhanov 13.ORDIX Open - das größte Schnellschachturnier der Welt
Glückwunsch an Sieger Rustam Kasimdzhanov, Danke an Sponsor ORDIX AG aus Paderborn, Danke an 632 Teilnehmer

Chess Classic

Rapid World Championship
V. Anand vs T. Radjabov
Clerical Medical Chess960
World Championship
P. Svidler vs L. Aronian
Clerical Medical Chess960
World Championships
Women:A. Kosteniuk vs E. Pähtz
Seniors:V. Hort vs L. Portisch
Juniors:A. Naiditsch vs P. Harikrishna
5. FiNet Chess960 Open
Chess960 rapid chess
13. ORDIX Open
Traditional rapid chess
Standard simul V. Anand
Chess960 simul L. Aronian
2. Livingston Chess960
Computer WCC
21 programs with their authors
Duel Man vs Machine
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2. Livingston Chess960 Computer WCC

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Chess960 Computer World Championship
25min / game + 10s / move

9 rounds
Th, 17/08, rounds 1-5
Fr, 18/08, rounds 6-9

Times of rounds
Th 10:00 h - 20:00 h
Fr 10:00 h - 17:00 h

Chess Classic
“…to share ideas with other people that love computer chess and Chess960.“
Portrait of Anastasios Mikilas, author of the Chess960 engine AICE
21.07.2005 - How does one get involved with computer chess? What makes computer chess so exciting? Why has Chess960 caught the imagination of so many computer specialists? And will human players fare better in man versus machine matches in Chess960? We speak to Anastasios Mikilas, author of the chess engine AICE and participant in the Chess960 Computer World Championship and receive some surprising answers. more...
homepage of AICE:

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