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Etienne Bacrot 5.FiNet Open - Qualifikationsturnier zur WM 2007
Glückwunsch an Sieger Etienne Bacrot, Danke an Sponsor FiNet AG aus Marburg, Danke an 248 Teilnehmer

Chess Classic

Rapid World Championship
V. Anand vs T. Radjabov
Clerical Medical Chess960
World Championship
P. Svidler vs L. Aronian
Clerical Medical Chess960
World Championships
Women:A. Kosteniuk vs E. Pähtz
Seniors:V. Hort vs L. Portisch
Juniors:A. Naiditsch vs P. Harikrishna
5. FiNet Chess960 Open
Chess960 rapid chess
13. ORDIX Open
Traditional rapid chess
Standard simul V. Anand
Chess960 simul L. Aronian
2. Livingston Chess960
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Chess Classic Mainz
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Chess Classic Mainz 2006 (CCM6)
Clerical Medical Chess960 World Championships

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Chess960 rapid chess
20min / game + 5s / move

8 rounds
Tu, 15/08, rounds 1-4
We, 16/08, rounds 5-8

Begin of rounds
15:00 h, 16:15 h, 17:30 h, 18:45 h

Alexandra Kosteniuk
Nr. 3 Women (International)
GM, Russia, 2540 Elo

Elisabeth Pähtz
Nr. 1 Women (National)
U20 World Junior Chess Champion, GM (Women), 2438 Elo

Chess Classic
Great start for challengers Radjabov and Aronian
18.08.2006 - Another busy day in Mainz. Not only the big matches Anand-Radjabov and Svidler-Aronian kicked off, but also the FiNet Chess960 Open with 248 players, among them no less than 111 men and women with an international FIDE title. The second Livingston Chess960 Computer Chess World Championship started today with 20 programs. In the evening matches, Radjabov could win one game against Anand, Aronian even scored two points. In the FiNet Open we have three leaders with a 100% score and in the Computer Chess event German program Jonny took the lead. Here is an overview of the events on Thursday. more...
Chess Classic
Stunning comeback for Harikrishna
Kosteniuk and Hort clinch home Chess960 world titles!
17.08.2006 - Harikrishna-Naiditsch 4,5-3,5
What a comeback for Pentala “Hari” Harikrischna! After three losses on the first day and, his opponent Arkadi Naiditsch just needed one more point on the second day to become the first junior Chess960 world champion. However, the 20-year old Indian, born in Andhra Pradesh, showed amazing fighting spirit and managed to win four games in a row, beating Germany´s number one 4,5-3,5. And what a dramatic finale for young Arkadi! In the last and decisive game of the day, Naiditsch lost on time! In a very promising position the 20-year old Naiditsch missed a few opportunities to decide the game. Harikrishna told your press officer in the morning that he wanted to concentrate on the FiNet Open, but never thought that he would win four games in a row. “The last game of the day was very bad. I still don´t know how I won that one!” And Naiditsch agreed: “I had a clear advantage in the last game, and I had also a good position in the first game to decide the match in an early stage. Games number two and three were deserved wins for Pentala. I will play my best chess in the FiNet Open and the Ordix Open and will try to fight back, although I am dissapointed after this day”. more...
Chess Classic
Naiditsch wants to „up the tempo“
Germany´s number one plays Chess960 U-20 world championship match in Mainz
26.07.2006 - Arkadij Naiditsch and the German Chess Federation (DSB): there is no love lost between them. After spending more than ten years in Germany, Naiditsch, born in Riga, Latvia finally played his first Chess Olympiad in Turin for his new country this year. The number 46 on the world rating list proved in Turin that he is able to play with the big guys, by showing some good games. The 20-year old wants to show his best chess again in the tournament in Dortmund (July 29 to August 6), which he was able to win last year. After that tournament, Germany´s number one will play the in Chess Classic Mainz (August 15 to 20) in various events. Hartmut Metz, talked to Arkadij Naiditsch, who became grandmaster at age 15. (translation by Eric van Reem)
Chess Classic
„Chess Sponsoring is a Business“
Interview: Wolfgang Grenke regards involvement with Chess Classic Mainz as a profitable investment for his leasing company
31.07.2005 - In Germany, nobody spends more money on chess than Grenke Leasing AG. The company from Baden-Baden sees specific business benefits resulting from approximately a quarter of a million Euro of sponsoring money. CEO Wolfgang Grenke, who supports one of the top teams in the German Bundesliga, the OSC Baden-Baden, will now also support the Chess Classic Mainz. The market leader in the leasing business in Germany donates up to Euro 25.000 and will be the new title sponsor for the rapid chess World Championship match between Viswanathan Anand (India) and Alexander Grischuk (Russia). Hartmut Metz spoke with Wolfgang Grenke about chess-sponsoring and asked which star players are still necessary for the OSC Baden-Baden to win the German Team Championship title. more...
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