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Vlastimil Hort Clerical Medical Chess960 World Championship
Glückwunsch an Senioren-Weltmeister Vlastimil Hort & Herausforderer Lajos Portisch

Chess Classic

Rapid World Championship
V. Anand vs T. Radjabov
Clerical Medical Chess960
World Championship
P. Svidler vs L. Aronian
Clerical Medical Chess960
World Championships
Women:A. Kosteniuk vs E. Pähtz
Seniors:V. Hort vs L. Portisch
Juniors:A. Naiditsch vs P. Harikrishna
5. FiNet Chess960 Open
Chess960 rapid chess
13. ORDIX Open
Traditional rapid chess
Standard simul V. Anand
Chess960 simul L. Aronian
2. Livingston Chess960
Computer WCC
21 programs with their authors
Duel Man vs Machine
Clubs & Accessoires
Gourmet Club
Kinder Club
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Tournament plan 1
Tournament plan 2
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GRENKELEASING World Championship

All CCM6 standard games

Rapid chess
25min / game + 10s / move

8 rounds
Th, 17/08, rounds 1+2
Fr, 18/08, rounds 3+4
Sa, 19/08, rounds 5+6
Su, 20/08, rounds 7+8

Begin of rounds
18:30 h and 20:00 h

Viswanathan Anand
8 times winner of the Chess Classics
Rapid chess world champion 2000-2006
GM, India, ELO 2803

Teimour Radjabov
Ordix open winner 2005
GM, Azerbaijan, ELO 2717

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