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Viswanathan Anand GRENKELEASING Rapid World Championship
Glückwunsch an den 9-fachen Sieger Viswanathan Anand & Herausforderer 1.Kandidat ORDIX Open Sieger Rustam Kasimdzhanov oder Garry Kasparov oder klassischer Weltmeister?

Chess Classic

Rapid World Championship
V. Anand vs T. Radjabov
Clerical Medical Chess960
World Championship
P. Svidler vs L. Aronian
Clerical Medical Chess960
World Championships
Women:A. Kosteniuk vs E. Pähtz
Seniors:V. Hort vs L. Portisch
Juniors:A. Naiditsch vs P. Harikrishna
5. FiNet Chess960 Open
Chess960 rapid chess
13. ORDIX Open
Traditional rapid chess
Standard simul V. Anand
Chess960 simul L. Aronian
2. Livingston Chess960
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Chess Classic Mainz 2006 (CCM6)



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   U15 SC Hattersheim
   U11 SC Frankfurt-West
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   U8 SF Deizisau
   U8 SK 1929 Mainaschaff
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   U7 Hamburger SK von 1830
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   U6 SV Groß-Gerau
   U5 SK Doppelbauer Kiel
   U4 Schach-Club Horben
   U4 TSV Schott Mainz
   U4 SV Walldorf
   U4 SG Zürich
   U4 SC Reutlingen
   U3 SF Kelsterbach
   U3 SC Werl 81
   U3 SC Springer Trittenheim
   U2 SG Siebengebirge
   U1 SC Lahn Limburg
   U1 SF Heimersheim
   U1 SC Bad Nauheim

  FiNet AG

Chess Classic
Kasimdzhanov winner of 13th Ordix Open!
Mamedyarov winner of combined FiNet/Ordix competition
21.08.2006 - Rustam Kasimdzhanov, the ex-world champion from Uzbekistan is the winner of the 13th Ordix Open. He scored 9,5 points out of 11 games. Shakhriyar Mamedyarov landed on the 2nd place, but won the combined Chess960 FiNet-Ordix Open. After 11 hard-fought rounds, Natalia Zhukova (Ukraine) won the ladies´competition in the Ordix Open with 8,5 points , Lajos Portisch (Hungary) was the best senior player in the Ordix Open with 8 points. The best player U20 was Csaba Balogh (Hungary). He scored 8 points. more...
Chess Classic
Anand and Aronian win in Mainz
21.08.2006 - Sunday was the final day of the GrenkeLeasing Rapid World Chess Championship between Vishy Anand and Tejmour Radjabov and the Clerical Medical Chess960 World Championship between Peter Svidler and Levon Aronian. The tension was high and several hundred spectators were waiting for an exciting fight. They were not disappointed. more...
Chess Classic
Chess Classic Mainz: Exciting chess on Saturday
Everything is still open between Anand/Radjabov and Svidler/Aronian
20.08.2006 - After six games everything is still open in the GrenkeLeasing Rapid Chess World Championship between Vishy Anand and Tejmour Radjabov and the Clerical Medical Chess960 World Chess Championship between Peter Svidler and Levon Aronian. While Anand and Radjabov in their games on Saturday still did not seem to be able to decide whether it’s an advantage or a disadvantage to play with White, Svidler and Aronian showed the attractions of Chess960. more...
Games of round 5
Games of round 6
Chess Classic
Ordix Open - all records broken!
19.08.2006 - The 13th Ordix Open started today with an incredible number of 632 players. In the top of the list we can see a lot of familiar faces: most of the top-grandmasters played the FiNet Chess960 Open as well. One player however, saved his energy and did not play the Chess960 games: Alexei Shirov, who is obviously following the same strategy as Teimour Radjabov did last year. The Anand-challenger did not play the FiNet Open, but only played the Ordix, which he won. Can Shirov do the same? Is Etienne Bacrot going for the “double” (FiNet & Ordix)? Or can Shakhyriyar Mamedyarov win the strongest rapid chess tournament in the world after his unlucky finish in the FiNet Open? more...
Chess Classic
Why chess is beautiful: The Chess Classic Mainz
19.08.2006 - Today the world’s biggest rapid chess tournament started in Mainz, Germany. In the eleven round Swiss Ordix Open with 632 players, among them 58 GMs, 10 WGMs and 177 title holders, fight for a prize-fund of 40.000 Euro (together with FiNet Chess960 Open). While the chance to win a lot of money may attract the grandmasters, the amateurs may look forward to play a grandmaster, or if they are lucky, even chess legends such as Alexei Shirov or Alexander Morozevich. But the tournament is also a social event. Chess friends, who have known each other for a long time, but see each other rarely have an opportunity to spend the weekend playing chess and socialising with each other. more...
Chess Classic
Anand and Svidler bounce back on second day of their Chess Classic matches
19.08.2006 - When Anand sat down behind the black pieces to play the third game of the GrenkeLeasing World Rapid Championship, which is one of the highlights of the Chess Classic Mainz, his whole body language signaled determination. He seemed to be all focused on taking revenge for yesterday’s defeat in the second game of his eight-game match against Tejmour Radjabov. And by running straight into a prepared line the 19-year Azerbaijani gave Anand all the chances he needed. more...
Chess Classic
Shredder wins computer chess world title, Bacrot remains undefeated in FiNet Open
18.08.2006 - What happened in Mainz on Friday? The last six, tough rounds in the FiNet Chess960 Open were played. Shakhriyar Mamedyarov won three more games, dominated the rest of the field, but then he blundered in his games against Bacrot and Grischuk. The French number one won the FiNet Open with 9,5 points out of 11 games, followed by Mamedyarov and Grishuk with 9 points. Alexandra Kosteniuk won the ladies price, she scored 7 points, Vlastimil Hort won the senior price (6,5 points), Andrej Volokitin (8,5) the junior price. The new computer Chess960 world champion is the German program Shredder, developed by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen more...
Chess Classic
Great start for challengers Radjabov and Aronian
18.08.2006 - Another busy day in Mainz. Not only the big matches Anand-Radjabov and Svidler-Aronian kicked off, but also the FiNet Chess960 Open with 248 players, among them no less than 111 men and women with an international FIDE title. The second Livingston Chess960 Computer Chess World Championship started today with 20 programs. In the evening matches, Radjabov could win one game against Anand, Aronian even scored two points. In the FiNet Open we have three leaders with a 100% score and in the Computer Chess event German program Jonny took the lead. Here is an overview of the events on Thursday. more...
Chess Classic
Stunning comeback for Harikrishna
Kosteniuk and Hort clinch home Chess960 world titles!
17.08.2006 - Harikrishna-Naiditsch 4,5-3,5
What a comeback for Pentala “Hari” Harikrischna! After three losses on the first day and, his opponent Arkadi Naiditsch just needed one more point on the second day to become the first junior Chess960 world champion. However, the 20-year old Indian, born in Andhra Pradesh, showed amazing fighting spirit and managed to win four games in a row, beating Germany´s number one 4,5-3,5. And what a dramatic finale for young Arkadi! In the last and decisive game of the day, Naiditsch lost on time! In a very promising position the 20-year old Naiditsch missed a few opportunities to decide the game. Harikrishna told your press officer in the morning that he wanted to concentrate on the FiNet Open, but never thought that he would win four games in a row. “The last game of the day was very bad. I still don´t know how I won that one!” And Naiditsch agreed: “I had a clear advantage in the last game, and I had also a good position in the first game to decide the match in an early stage. Games number two and three were deserved wins for Pentala. I will play my best chess in the FiNet Open and the Ordix Open and will try to fight back, although I am dissapointed after this day”. more...
Chess Classic
Shredder shocks T-More, Spike wins battle of world champions
Livingston man-machine exhibition matches
16.08.2006 - One the the traditional ingredients during the Chess Classic: man-machine matches. Last year, we saw the world premiere in Chess960 of the man-machine match between Shredder and Almasi, Svidler played and won against the Dutch program The Baron. This year, the winner of the first Chess960 Computer Chess World championship, the German program Spike, developed by local heroes Ralf Schäfer and Volker Böhm played two games against the Chess960 World Champion Peter Svidler. The Russian star was not at all happy with his first game, because almost immediately after playing the first move, he saw some opportunities for his opponent. Svidler´s position did not look promising after the opening, but Spike could not really break through and played some inaccurate moves. Svidler said at the press conference that he wanted try something, moved his king to the other side of the board and openend the game. But playing against a computer in an open position is not a good idea. Spike grabbed an pawn, snatched another one and won the game in the end. In the second game there was less excitement, the peaceful game ended in a draw. more...
Shredder Homepage
Chess Classic
Kick off in Mainz: Naiditsch shows surprise lead in Chess960 Match
Day 1- Press conference-Clererical Medical Chess960 World Championship-Anand simul
16.08.2006 - The Chess Classic Mainz 2006 has started. For the sixth time, the city of Mainz, lying on the banks of the river Rhine, acts as host city for this year´s tournament. In 2001, the first Chess Classic Mainz was played, but from 1994 to 2000 the tournament took place in Frankfurt. “I was asked to explain the difference between Frankfurt and Mainz­­­­ in several interviews”, Hans-Walter Schmitt said during the opening press conference on Tuesday. ”The difference is that the towers in Frankfurt are higher, but the performance and love for chess in Mainz is higher than in Frankfurt. After we had a top tournament with the top 10 players of the world in 2000, we decided to move to Mainz one year later, because the city and the mayor Jens Beutel were eager to promote a new kind of chess: Chess960.” And this exciting kind of chess seems to attract more and more players...and sponsors. Schmitt: “This year we are happy that we have found a new sponsor, Clerical Medical, for the Chess960 World Championship matches. During the press conference, the company was represented and introduced by Falko König, (an appropiate name: König meaning King!). more...
Chess Classic
Naiditsch wants to „up the tempo“
Germany´s number one plays Chess960 U-20 world championship match in Mainz
26.07.2006 - Arkadij Naiditsch and the German Chess Federation (DSB): there is no love lost between them. After spending more than ten years in Germany, Naiditsch, born in Riga, Latvia finally played his first Chess Olympiad in Turin for his new country this year. The number 46 on the world rating list proved in Turin that he is able to play with the big guys, by showing some good games. The 20-year old wants to show his best chess again in the tournament in Dortmund (July 29 to August 6), which he was able to win last year. After that tournament, Germany´s number one will play the in Chess Classic Mainz (August 15 to 20) in various events. Hartmut Metz, talked to Arkadij Naiditsch, who became grandmaster at age 15. (translation by Eric van Reem)
Chess Classic
Jens Beutel prepares his opponents for the number two spot
The mayor of Mainz supports Chess Classic with heart and soul
19.07.2006 - For chess players, Jens Beutel is not first and foremost the mayor of the city Mainz. For them, he is the person who secures the Chess Classic Mainz. Since leaving Frankfurt, this world-renowned tournament has now been guest at the capital of Rhineland-Palatine a total of five times. And each time, the social democrat Beutel, who turned 60 on July 12, has been part of the event with heart and soul. To be able to play himself from August 15 to 20, he will take a vacation. As a seasoned chess player with many years of experience in one of the higher German chess leagues, Mr. Beutel has in the past made life in the Ordix Open quite difficult for more than one professional chess players. Hartmut Metz spoke with Mr. Beutel (translation by Mark Vogelgesang). more...
Chess Classic
Same procedure as every year: Vishy Anand and Peter Svidler win their matches!
14.08.2005 - On the last day of the Grenke Leasing match between Indian superstar Vishy Anand and his challenger Alexander Grischuk from Russia, the Indian won the seventh game after 47 moves. Although Grischuk started playing chess at 10 o´clock this morning he still wanted to show a good last game to say goodbye to the audience and won the eighth game. “That was a miracle, Grischuk laughed. Anand won the match 5-3. In the FiNet Chess960 World Championship Peter Svidler defended his title for the third time. After his fine wins over Peter Leko in 2003 and Levon Aronian in 2004, this year the Russian won his Chess960 match against Zoltan Almasi from Hungary 5-3. The last two games on Sunday ended in a draw. more...
Chess Classic
„Chess Sponsoring is a Business“
Interview: Wolfgang Grenke regards involvement with Chess Classic Mainz as a profitable investment for his leasing company
31.07.2005 - In Germany, nobody spends more money on chess than Grenke Leasing AG. The company from Baden-Baden sees specific business benefits resulting from approximately a quarter of a million Euro of sponsoring money. CEO Wolfgang Grenke, who supports one of the top teams in the German Bundesliga, the OSC Baden-Baden, will now also support the Chess Classic Mainz. The market leader in the leasing business in Germany donates up to Euro 25.000 and will be the new title sponsor for the rapid chess World Championship match between Viswanathan Anand (India) and Alexander Grischuk (Russia). Hartmut Metz spoke with Wolfgang Grenke about chess-sponsoring and asked which star players are still necessary for the OSC Baden-Baden to win the German Team Championship title. more...
homepage of Grenkeleasing AG:
Chess Classic
“…to share ideas with other people that love computer chess and Chess960.“
Portrait of Anastasios Mikilas, author of the Chess960 engine AICE
21.07.2005 - How does one get involved with computer chess? What makes computer chess so exciting? Why has Chess960 caught the imagination of so many computer specialists? And will human players fare better in man versus machine matches in Chess960? We speak to Anastasios Mikilas, author of the chess engine AICE and participant in the Chess960 Computer World Championship and receive some surprising answers. more...
homepage of AICE:

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