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"In 10 years we´ll play again!"
11.08.2005 - “Of course I will be back to celebrate Wolfgang´s 90th birthday and than we´ll play again!” Boris Spassky was delighted about the idea and it will be a good opportunity for the two crocodiles Kaprov and Korchnoi to add another victory to their already impressive list. This year the old rivals were the joint winners of the Unzicker Gala80. more...
Matches Unzicker Gala80
Old rivals winners of Unzicker80 Gala
10.08.2005 - Anatoly Karpov and Viktor Korchnoi are the joint winners of the Unzicker 80 Gala in Mainz. Karpov scored three draws on the last day and fighter Viktor Korchnoi once again was the one who was responsible for some spectacular fighting chess today. Both players scored (3,5/6) points in this wonderful tournament that was organised for German chess legend Wolfgang Unzicker. Spassky scored three points and Wolfgang Unzicker played some wonderful games and scored two points in this strong field. “Off course, we will be back in ten years to celebrate Wolfgang´s 90 birthday”, Spassky laughed.
Matches Unzicker Gala80
Fast Russian loses three games in simul
10.08.2005 - It was the first simultanious exhibition for Alexander Grishuk and he was the fastest in the history of the Chess Classic. In 2 hours and 43 minutes the number 11 on the FIDE list scored 29 wins, eight draws and lost only three games (+29=8-3). He lost against Jörg Rutkowski (SC Frankfurt-West), Chess Classic bulletin maker Mike Rosa (Chess Tigers) and finally he lost a game against Prof. Dr. Eckard Freise. The German professor was the first winner of the television show “Who wants to be a millionaire”. Freise has played in an Advanced Chess match in Mainz in 2003 against Vishy Anand. In 2001, the GM-killer won against the Indian superstar in a simul in Mainz!
Highflyers act as underdogs
10.08.2005 - “Play chess during the day in the Open tourneys, enjoy watching chess in the evening”: this is what the Chess Classic tournaments are all about. On Thursday the big matches will start: in the Grenke Leasing championship Vishy Anand will play eight games against his challenger Alexander Grischuk from Russia, Peter Svidler and Zoltan Almasi will battle it out in an eight-game match in the FiNet Chess960 world championship. In the press conference the players spoke about the upcoming events. more...
Shredder shocks Almasi, Svidler beats The Baron
10.08.2005 - World premiere in Mainz ! For the first time a computer program managed to win a Chess960 game against a strong grandmaster. more...
Crocodiles take the lead after first day
10.08.2005 - After the opening press conference the Chess Classic Tournament 2005 finally started! In the first round of the Unzicker Gala, Karpov met his old rival Viktor Korchnoi. In this game, Karpov won after an impressive performance with the black pieces. He showed that he is eager to win his 160+ tourney here in Mainz! In the other game Spassky and Unzicker choose a calm opening and decided to start their tournament with a quiet draw. In the second round, Korchnoi won a good games against Spassky, whereas Unzicker managed a draw in his game against Karpov. Although the Russian was a pawn up, the 80-year old fought for a draw and eventually got his deserved half point in the rook ending. In the last round of the day, Karpov and Spassky decided to end the day with a draw, but in the other game, Viktor Korchnoi once again showed his fighting spirit and after a Unzicker missed some good opportunities, the Swiss vice-world champion won the game. more...
Crocodiles looking forward to play Unzicker Gala
09.08.2005 - The first day of the Chess Classic Mainz 2005 started off with a press conference with the participants in the Unzicker-80 Gala. Even organiser Hans-Walter Schmitt did not know what to say with all these chess legends who were sitting next to him. “This is my masterpiece”, Schmitt said with a shaky voice, “bringing all these legends of chess to Mainz is fantastic. We had many great Chess Classic tournaments in Frankfurt and Mainz, but this event tops it all. I am really honoured that these great men are sitting next to me”. I hope that they will play good and interesting games”, Schmitt said and smiled: “and no short draws please!” more...
Livingston to sponsor Chess960 Computer World Championship
04.07.2005 - „With Livingston Electronic Services GmbH, we have found the ideal partner for the Chess Classic 2005 and especially for the Chess960 Computer World Championship“ says a happy Hans-Walter Schmitt, head of the Chess Tigers e.V., the team that organizes the Chess Classic. Livingston Electronic Services GmbH, located in Darmstadt, is Germany’s leading specialist for short and medium-term rentals of modern technology – whether it is IT hardware, test equipment, or presentation technology. Livingston therefore has a lot of experience in equipping large events like the Chess Classic. Livingston Electronic Services GmbH is part of Livingston Group, headquarted in Teddington near London. more...
homepage of Livingston:
I like to play Chess960 because...
02.07.2005 - "I play Chess960 because it allows me to express myself. I always enjoyed complex play which requires imagination, and Chess960 is perfect for that. Playing in the Chess Classics and defending my title is something I look forward to all year." (Foto by Carla Amse) more...
„U as in Unzicker“
Gala Event in Mainz honours Unzicker’s 80th birthday with Karpov, Korchnoi and Spassky as special guests
27.06.2005 - In 1951, the Chess champion travelled in the former Republic of Yugoslavia, combining his vacation playing simultaneous exhibitions. On the way back he was scheduled to visit Ljubljana, to meet the Yugoslav chess team and return with its players to Krefeld in Germany. In this city, which is not too far from Düsseldorf, the first match of the national teams of Germany and Yugoslavia was to be held. Unzicker tried to inform the local Slovenian Chess Association about his arrival. “I am here now, my name is Unzicker”, he spoke into the telephone. “Who is calling? Could you please spell your last name?” Wolfgang Unzicker did as instructed: “U” - But he was interrupted instantly. His counterpart on the other end of the line asked “U as in Unzicker?” “Yes indeed, I am Unzicker!” more...
Chess960 Computer World Championship will bring more than 20 computer chess specialists to Mainz
30.04.2005 - „In December 2004, when we came out with the announcement of the first Computer World Championship in Chess960, we were not sure how the community of chess programmers would react to it” recalls Eric van Reem. But already by January 2005, four weeks later, ten programmers had responded to the announcement and expressed their interest. Today, about 20 programmers have confirmed their participation. The event will therefore definitely go ahead; innovative and exciting Computer Chess is virtually guaranteed. more...


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